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Monday, December 20, 2010

12/20/10 - Security system rough -in...

Security system installers Dave & Bob make short work of getting the house roughed in for a security system.

Smile Dave!

Door connects are installed. If one of the doors are opened while we have the alarm system activated a siren will sound & the monitoring company will notify the police of the situation. All four of our exterior doors are outfitted with door breaks...


Glass break sensors are installed. If a window or door glass is broken the alarm will sound.

Window contacts are installed within the window frames. It is essential that the basement slider windows are alarmed as the windows are so much larger now & access is much easier.

Bob is busy neatly making sure that all of the wires are neat & tidy...

These boys weren't shy! Eh Bob!?!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

12/7/10 - DD tub is in...

Quick update...

My darling daughter's tub/surround is in! We'll need to wrap it to protect it from any mishaps! ; )

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12/7/10 - An afterthought that makes a huge difference!

I often say that a house will often renovates itself, that is, it helps you make decisions that you may not have considered as important or necessary when in the initial planning stages.

Within my basement we had a post that was positioned in such a way that we had not thought that it was necessary to remove. Here it is in the right side of this photo....

Well, here it is removed!!!

Initially it seemed that it would not really add value to remove it, if anything it created defined spaces in the room. Well... having the room all framed up, it was obvious that it had to go. Removing it would allow us to have a huge, lovely great room! 

So... today it was removed thanks to my awesome framers. They brought in two 22' long metal beams, attached them to the existing wood beam plus additional support as outlined by our Structural Engineer.

To finish it, the boys attached 2 x 2 lumber framing to the new beam so the we can attach drywall to it Very nice work Dustin & Kevin! How heavy was it to get downstair?!? I forgot to ask!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

12/06/10 - Talk about a gift from the renovation gods!!!

Recently while showing finish carpenter Jim our new kitchen layout, I was describing to him the range-hood that I really wanted... one of those oh so lovely copper range-hood that I've spied on the internet... what should he do but tell me that he had a cabinet maker who had one of those lovelies & might part with it. A day or so went by & then to my surprise Jim showed up with this beautiful unit..asking if I might want it!?! It was love at first sight!

The only problem is that it had a small dent....

Jim's lovely wife & fellow designer, Karen, called around and was able to get us a fair quote to repair the dent. Oddly enough, we believe that the company that she secured to refurbished the hood was the company that made it initially! Stay tuned to see how we make out!

If it turns out well, it will be an amazing addition to our kitchen!

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12/06/10 - Gas lines are run

We've run all of our gas lines that will be required...gas range, gas fireplace, outside valve for gas BBQ. We're good to go!

We're currently sourcing our gas fireplace unit & once again we've opted to purchase the same unit that we have installed in our past two renovations. Although each renovation has been finished quite differently, this unit has proven to be quite versatile... beside the fact that we haven't found a gas fireplace that we love the looks of more!

It a lovely Valor Horizon direct vent unit that can be accessorized to make it really pop! That is, as shown in the image, we'll add the lovely double ' fenderfire' doors, decorative fret (front grill),  log set & amazing cast iron surround. Now to secure the most competitive price...

Pulled this off the net to show you what it will look like...

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12/06/10 - HVAC is ALL done...

Heating, venting & air conditioning (HVAC) rough-in is all done with the exception of the installation of the air conditioner. Basking in the minus 20 degrees temperatures these past few weeks has made it a little difficult to get excited about AC!  I'm sure it will be appreciated one day...about 6 months from now! ; )

Here's a quick look at the finished HVAC. I'm concerned about the finished product. I've issues with the joints, round pipes protruding out where my drywall needs to lay. Will need to follow up tomorrow.

Basement heat vents. 

Basement ceiling round-pipes & air returns

One of the heat runs supplying main floor

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12/06/10 - Drains & water lines...

Plumbing rough-in is almost done as drains & water-lines are being installed...

Looking into laundry area, through to the main bath

Plumbing for one of the two vanities in the ensuite

One of the two kitchen sinks

12/01/10 - Late night shopping...

Picking up 10 closet units from IKEA before they close for the day! Thanks to the two great IKEA gentlemen who helped my with this extremely heavy load! My back thanks you too!

IKEA PAX wardrobe, especially when 'built-in', can function as highly efficient closet systems. In addition to selling the wardrobes, IKEA also sell a swack of great accessories that fit within these wardrobes... allowing anyone to create their 'dream' closet. I've used them in the past two renovations that I've done plus recommended them to many others & always love the results!

Today I spoke with the lovely woman that purchased my second last reno & she told me that the closets are one of her most favorite things about the house!

I feel that you can never have too much storage! ; ) How about you?!?

Thanks YYC IKEA! Now ready for framing in these wardrobes tomorrow!

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12/06/10 - Windows are going in...

Our windows have been delivered & ready to be installed! Time to take the plywood off & get these units in! Framer Steve & his gang did an excellent job preparing & installing the windows! I'm so impressed that the minute the windows were here they made time to help me get them in! Thanks guys!

Now it's time to replace the plywood & let the sun shine in! Kevin needs to prepare the opening to receive the window. He's applied Tyvek wrap on the exterior wall of the house. He will then apply a bead of calking to the base & sides of the window opening, add window wrap & then insert the window. This preparation is essential to ensure that the windows never leak...

First one in! What a difference it makes in our living room space!

Garage window opening is being prepped...

Garage inside

Bay window opening is being wrapped & prepped...

Den window waiting patiently...

Ensuite window...