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Saturday, August 28, 2010

08/28/10 You can't say we didn't try! ; )

Oh well... we were able to make a few hundred from our Kijiji transactions. Now it's time to give the rest away!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

08/26/10 Thurs Flush

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08/26/10 First lap of the marathon completed...ahhhhh

All the demolition is done & we have layed out the position of all the new walls. Although this is so exciting it's time for a bit of a breather while we decided on what to do with the roof truss system. We're unable to start framing until we know for sure if we are going ahead with a new scissor truss roof.

We caught a snag! We were convinced that we had a 5-12 roof system however after removing all the ceiling & insuation, we discovered that it was really a 4-12 roof. Without getting into too many details this means that we may not be able to get our scissor trusses. Truss manufactures can make us a scissor truss roof for a 5-12 roof but NOT a 4-12 roof. We are waiting to hear back from our truss installer to see what other options we have. Providing that we do not exceed the City of Calgary's building restriction of creating a new roof that exceeds their maximum height...we will not need to apply for a development permit which could hold us up for months in approvals. Approvals can take 6-8 weeks or 6 months depending on the complexity of the build.

Here are images of the reno as it stands now...

Front foyer looking from DR

My new garage man-door

Future powder room!

View of powder room, mud room & door to garage

My new office (den)

View of laundry area, Willow's ensuite bathroom, hall & powder/mudroom (front to back)

Willow's ensuite bathroom space

Willow's bedroom

My ever so huge master bedroom ensuite

My new master bedroom positioned to enjoy the backyard view

DR Space

Future kitchen space

LR space where FP will be positioned on the back wall & window to left will be enlarged

Position of new stairwell just beyong front foyer

Garage exterior

Front exterior awaiting rock & cedar siding...unless I change my mind ; )

Front door awaiting a wow door & possibly transom window (depending on the roof)

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08/26/10 Oh what a beautiful fence!

Becky, Monica & Tara (not shown)... a job well done!!!
Thank you ladies!

Now about that deck... we have applied one coat of Sikkens SRD.
Unfortunately, due to specifications,
we cannot another coat for one year.
When we do it will be as lovely as the fence.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

08/24/10 Voila...

Having Matt by my side makes everything so much easier! He did a beautiful job replanting all of my new & existing trees & flowers! It looks so lovely!

The roses are al little 'shocked' but hopefully they will survive the move!

The new rose garden...

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08/24/10 An unexpected gift... a (soon to be) rose garden!

It doesn't look like anything now but later today we will have a new rose garden! I'm so excited!

Matt is now busy planting all of the plants that we picked up from Jackie (see last post) plus all of the plants that we took out a few days ago & stored in heavy contractor garbage bags in my back yard.

I showed my neighbour Elaine, who is an amazing gardener, the initial planting & idea of the rose garden. She seemed to love the idea & even offered for me to use her water hose to give the plants a drink! Thanks Elaine!

Site of the new rose garden! I may need to buy a couple more ; )

Matt saved my back by spreading all the plants around for me to decided where I wanted them. A few little adjustments & now it is time to start planting!

08/24/10 I don't just foster puppies & kitties...

Did I mention I LOVE gardening! I was lucky enough this week to receive the gift of roses & delphiniums from the woman who purchased one of my renovated homes (2 houses ago). She called & asked if I wanted to take all of the roses & delphiniums that I planted years ago. She has a new sweet baby & finds that she would love to have a lower maintenance garden. I jumped at the chance! She marked the ones I could have with a ribbon & I had Matt carefully dig everything out. Nothing better than a van load of plants! Thanks Jackie!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

08/23/10 Looky what"s on sale!!!

I love to use these IKEA PAX wardrobes to create economical but highly functional 'built-in' closets. I frame them in so that they look custom. While laying out floor plans, I measure carefully to maximize my ability to fit them into my space wherever possible. I love all of the inserts that can be purchased to make them amazing. Usually twice a year these guys come on sale. Now to talk hubby into buying them now even though we are not quite ready for them yet...

08/23/10 Meeting after meeting

Now where to put the walls?!? My hubby & I met with my contractor Vic early this morning to discuss last minute changes to the layout of the walls. For both the main floor & the basement he'll work off my Punch 3D computer floorplans to lay out the 2x4s for me to be able to see if the layout feels right.

Structural engineer popped in to look at a situation I had where it looks like a previous owner took out a post that kinda maybe needed to be returned. Turns out, no biggy! Worried for nothing as our new wall will manage the load.

Met with a lovely flooring man & had a great chat about all thing flooring! He came to see my space so that he could quote me once we make some more concrete flooring choices. Currently liking the idea of 3 1/4" sanded on-site hardwood. I need to side what species (type of wood), what stain I would like to use & how I would like it installed - prefinished product or sanded on-site. or maybe I would like to look at an engineered product. So many (wonderful) choices!!!

I'm big on getting quotes from many sources to ensure that I am paying the best price for my products & services. I met with my contractor's roofer today too. Excited to see his quote!

Now I'm off to meet Steve, the roof truss installer!

Friday, August 20, 2010

08/20/10 Laying out our floorplan

Okay...so this REALLY is my most favourite part of the process! Although we have a floor plan drawn & agreed upon, we can help playing a bit with the design! What if we moved this over just a little bit... hmmmm....

Usually when helping clients I will use green painters tape to define the spaces. Some people find it hard to read off a floorplan. Even if you can, it's somehow better to see things in real life. You can walk through spaces & get a feel for how things can be. Changes are easier now than when the walls are built! Cheaper too!

Here's why I picked up the 2 x 4s!
Vic is indulging me by laying out actual 2 x 4s
to show me my new ensuite & master bedroom in real life!

After thought: I ran into a fellow designer friend today who commented that I sure like 'chaos'. I thought about it for a while, even wondered if I should somehow be offended. But no, she is right! I love being busy & everything happening at once. For anyone who knows me it is who I am. If I believe in something... look out! I am very passionate. Just the same though, if I'm not interested in something... not so eager & keen! ; p I feel so lucky to have found something I can be so happy doing! My dad was a contractor, my grandfather built houses & road here in Calgary, and my great-grandfather was a fine carpenter. It's in the blood! Combine that with my love of design & interiors...I'm a pretty happy camper! BTW, I am also a 'connector' to quote Malcolm Gladwell. I love helping people help people. This allows me to do that too. I can even make a little money doing it too!

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08/20/10 Shopping that's hubby approved!

Totem's Eric talked me into buying 30 more 'hand-picked' 2x4s! I know we'll use them! ;p

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08/20/10 First purchase...

My multi-functional Honda Odyssey becomes a 'truck'! Eric Ackerman, at my favorite Totem Midnapore, is hand-selecting 2x4s (8 ft lengths) from a newly delivered stack for us to use to lay out our walls! Lots to pick from!

Now that's service!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

08/19/10 Eight & three-quarter days to gut a 1850 sq ft bungalow! WOW!

Talk about a job well done! Vic & our crew of strong men were able to complete demolition in record time. Gone are the trims, interior doors & jams, ceiling & wall drywall, ceiling insulation, flooring (including hardwood, tile, lino & carpet), two stairwells, a beast (!!!) of a fireplace from chimney to basement floor (from the outside facades to the cinderblock structure), old electrical wiring pulled & stacked for demolition, the outside oh so disgusting brick facade & rotted trim pieces,... what have I forgot?!? Steve, my amazing plumber, was able to cap off gas lines & tear out all plumbing pipes that will be unnecessary in the new plan. Now it's time to rebuild!

What a great team!
Vic, Matt, Kevin & Lui
(Alex & Daniel not shown)
Thank you gentlemen!

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08/19/10 They saved my flowers! Whew!

In addition to renovating I love gardening...in my spare time! ; ) Vic was able to have the boys dig out & bag my precious plants so that they would not be damaged by falling exterior brick. These plants will be replanted as soon as possible providing that they will not get in anyone's way! Don't worry, we moved them off the deck once they were all gather up. Now to keep them alive...

Every morning Warren, my hubby, stops by the house to inspect the progress & give his input for the next day's work. It's always so exciting to show him what has occurred the previous day! We both agree that the house already looks better having both the white painted brick & the rotted trim pieces removed.

Now what to do with those windows?!? Did I mention that we don't always agree! ; )

Here you can see the last bits of brick & trim need to be removed from the front of the garage. Almost done! Something I neglected to take images of but still somewhat important, we have discovered that both hornets & ants are keen to build their homes in the small space where the concrete meets the plywood sheathing (walls) so... we plan to do a little pet control before we seal that space up. My 4 year old love having the old hornets hive, now uninhabited), to poke & play with. My 11 year old... "been there, done that" ; )

After thought... I'd love to ask my mail carrier what she is thinking of the transformation?!? Every day she plops our collection of mail into our lonely little mailbox... still untouched by human hands.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

08/18/10 Bringing down the house...

Just kidding... wanted to grab your attention!

I do have to say that the song 'Burning Down the House' by Talking Heads translated to 'Bringing Down the House' has been playing in my head for this whole process. No comments required about... you should have just burnt it down instead! ; )

Copper is stacked & ready to be recycled!

Vic ensuring that the surfaces are smooth & free of staples & nails

Check out this demolition assembly line...

The boys thought it would take the morning to remove the brick off the front of the garage. It turned out to be moments! Our biggest challenge is keeping the dumpsters emptied fast enough!

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