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Monday, August 23, 2010

08/23/10 Meeting after meeting

Now where to put the walls?!? My hubby & I met with my contractor Vic early this morning to discuss last minute changes to the layout of the walls. For both the main floor & the basement he'll work off my Punch 3D computer floorplans to lay out the 2x4s for me to be able to see if the layout feels right.

Structural engineer popped in to look at a situation I had where it looks like a previous owner took out a post that kinda maybe needed to be returned. Turns out, no biggy! Worried for nothing as our new wall will manage the load.

Met with a lovely flooring man & had a great chat about all thing flooring! He came to see my space so that he could quote me once we make some more concrete flooring choices. Currently liking the idea of 3 1/4" sanded on-site hardwood. I need to side what species (type of wood), what stain I would like to use & how I would like it installed - prefinished product or sanded on-site. or maybe I would like to look at an engineered product. So many (wonderful) choices!!!

I'm big on getting quotes from many sources to ensure that I am paying the best price for my products & services. I met with my contractor's roofer today too. Excited to see his quote!

Now I'm off to meet Steve, the roof truss installer!

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