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Friday, August 20, 2010

08/20/10 Laying out our floorplan

Okay...so this REALLY is my most favourite part of the process! Although we have a floor plan drawn & agreed upon, we can help playing a bit with the design! What if we moved this over just a little bit... hmmmm....

Usually when helping clients I will use green painters tape to define the spaces. Some people find it hard to read off a floorplan. Even if you can, it's somehow better to see things in real life. You can walk through spaces & get a feel for how things can be. Changes are easier now than when the walls are built! Cheaper too!

Here's why I picked up the 2 x 4s!
Vic is indulging me by laying out actual 2 x 4s
to show me my new ensuite & master bedroom in real life!

After thought: I ran into a fellow designer friend today who commented that I sure like 'chaos'. I thought about it for a while, even wondered if I should somehow be offended. But no, she is right! I love being busy & everything happening at once. For anyone who knows me it is who I am. If I believe in something... look out! I am very passionate. Just the same though, if I'm not interested in something... not so eager & keen! ; p I feel so lucky to have found something I can be so happy doing! My dad was a contractor, my grandfather built houses & road here in Calgary, and my great-grandfather was a fine carpenter. It's in the blood! Combine that with my love of design & interiors...I'm a pretty happy camper! BTW, I am also a 'connector' to quote Malcolm Gladwell. I love helping people help people. This allows me to do that too. I can even make a little money doing it too!

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