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Monday, August 9, 2010

08/09/10 Taming the panel!

Two great young men, Lucas & Parker, carefully labelled all of our electrical switches, plugs & fixtures plus the panel. It was a long & tedious job but had to be done to ensure the safety of the crew plus help us in our planning process. This will later help us if we want to reuse these later!

Our electrical panel labelled with a coding system which will be used to
label each & every one of the electrical services in the house.

This system allowed us to be able to see which switches were '3-way'
(that is, more than one switch to turn on a light, for example)
plus all the other nuances of the electrical system in the house.

Using these markings my assistant, Vicki Bartley, marked our electrical
floorplan with all of the codes for easy reference at a later date.
Thanks Vickie!

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