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Monday, August 9, 2010

08/09/10 And then there was none

Vic Slapsys, the job-site's main man, is getting rid if our big beast of a fireplace... working from the top down.

Hammer-drill in hand Vic makes short work of the concrete giant!

Look-out below!

Over 6 dumpster loads were required in bringing down the chimney
& the old fireplace top to bottom.

The chimney is gone, the roof has been temporarily patched... just incase it rains!
Or snows...remember we're in Calgary!

BTW, why move the fireplace you ask? Well, we drew 5 floor-plans trying to make it work within the space & then my friend & amazing architectural technologist, Dwayne Seal, looked over my plans & commented... "So you're okay to take off the roof completely to add scissor trusses to give your self a vaulted ceiling but you're not willing to remove the fireplace, stairwell & relocate the bathrooms?!? What's up with that?!?" After he explained that the process of removing those things was neither too costly or difficult, I was all over-it! I love the new floor-plan!!! OMG!!! It allowed me a mudroom (located where it should be) & access to my garage which did not exist before. I was also able to create an amazing open plan for my LR & kitchen/DR. In addition, my master bedroom & now huge ensuite would be able to take advantage of the backyard views instead of looking into the neighbour's dog-run!

More about the roof situation later...

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