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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

08/18/10 Try to keep blogging a priority...

Here I am Friday morning going back on the empty blog post... which if you are following I'm sure were wondering what's up with that! Well... I'm trying very hard to blog daily! For some reason only known to my psyche this is very important to me. Sometimes... NO... ever day (!!!) ends up where I am incredibly busy & physically unable to take the time to blog so... I have decided to ensure that I 'grab' a blog post every morning from my iPhone. I can then later add images & text as needed.... that is, as I have time! As a result you may see an empty post every so often waiting eagerly for my input from that day. Also you may see tons of images & no text which means, I haven't edited yet.

Yes, I do need a blog editor but for those of you who know me...I'm not very good at giving up power or control! ;p

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