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Saturday, August 7, 2010

08/07/10 Moving day today!

Two truck loads & 7 hours later! Whew, we're done! My favorite show... 'Hoarders!'

We've rented a lovely home just 0.5 km from our reno property. We've signed an 8 month lease with the option for longer. I love the rental as it's 4 doors away from the LRT (we're a one car family & hubby takes the train daily to work) plus it's half the distance for my son to walk to school. Don't tell my hubby but this rental could one day be my forever home! ; )

Meanwhile while the movers clear out our property...

Our prayer for no rain was realized so my two amazing women, Tara & Monica, started staining our new fence! It looks lovely... even after only one coat! My all-time favorite stain Sikkens Cetol 1 - 085 Teak. We last used it on our big Bonaventure house's fence & deck. The more coats the better! Eventually it makes the wood look like fine furniture.

Usually one would rebuild a fence at the end of the project rather than the beginning. Unfortunately last fall 2009 we were forced to construct a new one. The fence was so horribly rotten that the neighborhood dogs would pop into our back yard (by pushing on the loose boards), deliver a present & then leave...thank you very much!

BTW, same with the new deck! About the same time someone put their foot through it... you know. Liability issues!

Here are some images!

Tara & Monica stained hour after hour! They did such a great job!

This image shows you a great before/after look at the finished product!

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