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Sunday, August 15, 2010

08/15/10 - Catching up! Oh SO busy!

Wow did we have a couple crazy days! Too busy to blog!

Did I mention that we are still getting settled into our rental?!? My wonderfully talented & organized Vickie has been busy helping me unpack & get settled. We still love our new rental home!

Here are some images to catch you up...

Dumpster number... 8! Marie & Ryan at ABC Waste are
having to scramble to keep up with my crew
filling the dumpsters! (Aug. 11)

Early morning...back at getting rid of that fireplace. (Aug 12)

Yay! It's gone all the way to the basement. Vic wants to leave this opening & part of the old fireplace in the basement so that the crew can use it to empty out the basement of debris. This will be much better than hauling materials up & down the stairwell! (Aug 12)

Hey Kevin! Great job! (Aug 12)

No time's a waste'n! One of the two stair accesses to the
basement has been removed. (Aug 12)

Vic insists on a clean job-site which makes me so happy! (Aug 12)

Just when you think you're almost done...then there's the basement!
Oh no, not another fireplace to remove! (Aug 12)

Lui, our very hard working friend of Matt's,
works on basement demolition.
Yes, it was that dusty down there! (Aug 13)

Late Friday afternoon... now its time for beverages &
a celebration of a great week!
Thanks to everybody for all of your hard work!!!

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