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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

08/17/10 There's good money in copper

Vic is saving all our copper wire & piping to be cashed in for money once we've collected it all. He says that we'll get paid per pound. Not only recycling but adding money back into the coffers! When it comes to re-wiring, it'll be far more efficient (save $$$) to have our electrician run new wire off a new spool in the lengths he needs vs fooling around trying to make the wire we have work. It's all good!

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  1. Someone asked me why I didn't reuse the same wire again?!? Remember that to get the wire out most efficiently it had to be cut into pieces. The cost to pull them out in one piece through all the 2 x 4 framing would be far too costly. Now imagine me paying an electrician their hourly rate to fool around measuring lengths of wire & trying to make them work VS just yanking off the required lengths (which they are use to doing day after day), cutting them off & then moving onto the next piece required.

    If the wire couldn't be recycled, then maybe I would consider it.

  2. Did I ever mention that I was able to get $133 for all of my old pieces of electrical copper wire?