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Thursday, August 19, 2010

08/19/10 Eight & three-quarter days to gut a 1850 sq ft bungalow! WOW!

Talk about a job well done! Vic & our crew of strong men were able to complete demolition in record time. Gone are the trims, interior doors & jams, ceiling & wall drywall, ceiling insulation, flooring (including hardwood, tile, lino & carpet), two stairwells, a beast (!!!) of a fireplace from chimney to basement floor (from the outside facades to the cinderblock structure), old electrical wiring pulled & stacked for demolition, the outside oh so disgusting brick facade & rotted trim pieces,... what have I forgot?!? Steve, my amazing plumber, was able to cap off gas lines & tear out all plumbing pipes that will be unnecessary in the new plan. Now it's time to rebuild!

What a great team!
Vic, Matt, Kevin & Lui
(Alex & Daniel not shown)
Thank you gentlemen!

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