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Thursday, August 19, 2010

08/19/10 They saved my flowers! Whew!

In addition to renovating I love gardening...in my spare time! ; ) Vic was able to have the boys dig out & bag my precious plants so that they would not be damaged by falling exterior brick. These plants will be replanted as soon as possible providing that they will not get in anyone's way! Don't worry, we moved them off the deck once they were all gather up. Now to keep them alive...

Every morning Warren, my hubby, stops by the house to inspect the progress & give his input for the next day's work. It's always so exciting to show him what has occurred the previous day! We both agree that the house already looks better having both the white painted brick & the rotted trim pieces removed.

Now what to do with those windows?!? Did I mention that we don't always agree! ; )

Here you can see the last bits of brick & trim need to be removed from the front of the garage. Almost done! Something I neglected to take images of but still somewhat important, we have discovered that both hornets & ants are keen to build their homes in the small space where the concrete meets the plywood sheathing (walls) so... we plan to do a little pet control before we seal that space up. My 4 year old love having the old hornets hive, now uninhabited), to poke & play with. My 11 year old... "been there, done that" ; )

After thought... I'd love to ask my mail carrier what she is thinking of the transformation?!? Every day she plops our collection of mail into our lonely little mailbox... still untouched by human hands.

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