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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

08/17/10 Vaulted ceilings!

This is a good place to describe what is happening with the roof & ceiling! The most exciting part of this project! So I've taken down walls & added walls, no biggy! I've even designed additions. But I have NEVER changed out a whole roof truss system!

Months ago while discussing our renovation project my husband Warren had the brilliant idea that we should consider changing out our current trusses for scissor trusses. He commented that the current rotted state of our roof shingles, roof sheathing (plywood under the shingles), soffits & facia added to the fact that I greatly dislike popcorn ceilings made him think that we might as well look at a whole new roof system. By replacing the current roof trusses with scissor trusses we will be able to create vaulted ceilings throughout the house!

Common roof truss

Scissor roof truss

We calculated the cost to replace the trusses & although it added to our budget, we felt the benefits for both resale (ROI - return on investment) & our personal enjoyment far outweighed the added costs. We brought in our truss specialist who confirmed that it could easily be done for not too dear of a cost. As you look at the images below, check out the current ceiling peak line; that is, the height of which the ceiling reaches. Imagine that our new vaulted ceilings will be approximately 12" lower finished. Oh so nice! By the way, regarding the permit process, if you do not change the outside slope (or look) or the residence you only need to get a structural permit & not a development/building permit. This is so great as the later can get tied up in approvals for months depending on what you're doing.

Look up... way up...

Unfortunately the dumpsters got delayed

All the electrical plus anything that slow down the roof truss company is removed

Hey Kevin! Did I mention he is also an irrigation specialist too! Plus a painter!

Careful Lui!

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