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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

08/18/10 - And now for the exterior

If the boys didn't move so quickly I would have pictures of the first of the exterior facade being removed...

Kevin & Alex are making short work of the old brick facade. We considered everything from sandblasting, painting & skinning the old brick (with a new facade) but eventually decided for the sake of time, money & good looks it would be better to remove it.

We rented this ever so useful hammer drill
which has been worth its weight in gold!

Back to the interior...
At the end of another great day the property is looking great!
Did you notice how clean Vic keeps his worksite?

Matt & Lui stop long enough to strike a pose!
Thanks guys!

I really like this image!

Down to the basement our lighting is limited...


We are keeping any walls that will be required in the new plan.

Remember that big old fireplace?
Vic has conquered the beast.
Here is all that remains.
(Floor-leveling compound required...I believe)

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