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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

08/24/10 An unexpected gift... a (soon to be) rose garden!

It doesn't look like anything now but later today we will have a new rose garden! I'm so excited!

Matt is now busy planting all of the plants that we picked up from Jackie (see last post) plus all of the plants that we took out a few days ago & stored in heavy contractor garbage bags in my back yard.

I showed my neighbour Elaine, who is an amazing gardener, the initial planting & idea of the rose garden. She seemed to love the idea & even offered for me to use her water hose to give the plants a drink! Thanks Elaine!

Site of the new rose garden! I may need to buy a couple more ; )

Matt saved my back by spreading all the plants around for me to decided where I wanted them. A few little adjustments & now it is time to start planting!

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