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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

08/11/10 Loads & loads of concrete

The progress is amazing! Minute by minute the walls are coming down. Removing the old two-sided fireplace has required the most effort! We're recycling the brick/rock/stone which means it needs to be separated out from the other rubble...which means putting it in it's own 12 cu dumpster filling it to a max of 18" (otherwise it would be too heavy!!!) The great thing is by recycling we cut down on our dumping fees!

This is the LR side of the fireplace.

Vic & the boys were able to save 98% of the beautiful
Travertine that surface done side of the fireplace.
This was an unexpected gift. Now where to use it...

Isn't it lovely?!? Vic suggested cutting it in half to double
the quantity! Great idea!

Voila, all the travertine cleaned off. Now for the dirty work!

This was the not so lovely side of the fireplace which faced the DR.

Going... going... check out our blog tomorrow & maybe it will be gone!

After thought...

You know that call you fear where the company calls & says your credit card has been declined?!? Well I did get a call on my voicemail from my dumpster company saying that my credit card had been declined! (Ugh) The funny thing was, they added that it was because of them... putting through all of our dumpster load charges! A quick call to TD, a little more money transferred & all is well again!

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