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Saturday, September 25, 2010

09/22/10 - Main floor plumbing underway

Dave, who says he taught dad (Plumber Steve) everything he knows ; ) is busy roughing in our main floor plumbing!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

09/22/10 - Basement framing underway

While the plumbing rough-in is underway, Vic, Matt & Daniel are busy framing my basement.

I love demolition but putting it all back together is SO wonderful!

To see walls erected exactly where I drew them out on paper is so fulfilling. Just like a little girl, I walk around "playing house" trying out the new spaces we have created...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

09/21/10 - Roof decisions finally made...

Yahoo! We're back on track after 3 very long weeks... & 3 days
(Incase you're counting!)

You know the saying that renovations take twice as long & double the money? We'll here's the twice as long part of the equation...

We have had a major work shut-down over the past few weeks which has caused our renovations to come to a complete halt. Everything needed to stop until we made some last minute critical decisions & revisions. In short, before we started the renovation we were advised that we had a certain slope on our roof which would have allowed us to install new wonderful scissor trusses thus giving us gloriously vaulted ceilings.

When we were all gutted & ready to order our new trusses, we were informed that our current roof trusses were not as they seemed. They had a lower slope which meant that if we still wanted to go ahead with replacing our regular trusses with scissor trusses, in order for those new trusses to be structurally sound, they would not be able to be manufactured with any real substantial slope.
Goodbye glorious vaulted ceilings!

Once we determined this we spent the next three weeks looking at plans B, C & D. After many meeting with the structural engineer & the City of Calgary Building Permit offices trying to decided the next best option, it turned out that the best solution was to leave the roof trusses alone, repair any sheathing that was not in good condition, install some carefully placed sky-lites & call it a day. That is, we opted not to spend a bunch of money & effort on something that would not offer any real return on our investment. Although this was the 'best' decision, it was a hard one to make! The worst of it all was that nothing could occur until we had made this decision as it would impact everything from framing, plumbing, ordering windows, etc.

Whew... with all of this behind us, I'm excited to be pushing full steam ahead!

Steve & Chris, plumbers extraordinaire, spent the better part of a day roughing in our plumbing! I did a happy dance when I saw the open trenches & all that they had accomplished!

Plumbing stacks & drains are rerouted in
preparation for the new floor plan!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

09/14/10 How to read my blog...

First let me say... Have I ever missed blogging!!!
It's the strangest thing, not even sure I understand it myself?!? Blogging is the most wonderful tool that I have been able to use to allow me to connection with the world. It is where I share my passion of passions with those individuals who I know only read it because they have the same interests... Thanks for following friends!

More about what I've been up to the past few weeks... see my next blog post!

I just received an email from a colleague that asked how my blog worked so I emailed her the following tips. It's a bit of the blind leading the blind as I'm new to all of this too! Incase you needed help too here are the tips! Feel free to comment if you can add to my explanations...

When you go to my blog site www.suzannewismerdesigns.blogspot.com

you will always see the newest post (another word for page added) on the left had side of the page.

On the lower right-hand side of the page you will see 'BLOG ARCHIVE'

with the year listed below plus the names of the months. If you click

on one of the months you will see all the posts that I posted during

that month.

Beside each month you will see a number in brackets such as AUGUST

(33). This tells you that there were 33 posts in August. if you click

on 'AUGUST' the blog will show you all of the dates in August that

there was a post. For example '08/20/10 Laying out our floor plan'

means that on Aug 10 I posted a blog that called 'Laying out the floor

plan'. If you click on this entry you will see the blog post pop up on

the left-hand side of the page.

Note that the dates the blogs were listed in descending order...

newest on top & oldest at bottom.

I would LOVE if you added a comment to the post...questions &/or

comments!!! : )

I would also super LOVE if you subscribed to my post which means that

you can have it automatically delivered into your email inbox or to

your 'reader'. I have about 30 blogs that I have subscribed to &

follow...delicious reading for when I have time! I have been told that

it can be hard to subscribe but have not figured out what is happening

there yet?!?

Lastly, if you like or want to share what you see in my blog, you can

share it by clicking on the ''share this on Facebook' or Tweet this'

link located at the top right corner of my blog page. You'll need to

have a Facebook &/or Twitter accounts set up to do that though.

Let me know how this all works for you!