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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

09/21/10 - Roof decisions finally made...

Yahoo! We're back on track after 3 very long weeks... & 3 days
(Incase you're counting!)

You know the saying that renovations take twice as long & double the money? We'll here's the twice as long part of the equation...

We have had a major work shut-down over the past few weeks which has caused our renovations to come to a complete halt. Everything needed to stop until we made some last minute critical decisions & revisions. In short, before we started the renovation we were advised that we had a certain slope on our roof which would have allowed us to install new wonderful scissor trusses thus giving us gloriously vaulted ceilings.

When we were all gutted & ready to order our new trusses, we were informed that our current roof trusses were not as they seemed. They had a lower slope which meant that if we still wanted to go ahead with replacing our regular trusses with scissor trusses, in order for those new trusses to be structurally sound, they would not be able to be manufactured with any real substantial slope.
Goodbye glorious vaulted ceilings!

Once we determined this we spent the next three weeks looking at plans B, C & D. After many meeting with the structural engineer & the City of Calgary Building Permit offices trying to decided the next best option, it turned out that the best solution was to leave the roof trusses alone, repair any sheathing that was not in good condition, install some carefully placed sky-lites & call it a day. That is, we opted not to spend a bunch of money & effort on something that would not offer any real return on our investment. Although this was the 'best' decision, it was a hard one to make! The worst of it all was that nothing could occur until we had made this decision as it would impact everything from framing, plumbing, ordering windows, etc.

Whew... with all of this behind us, I'm excited to be pushing full steam ahead!

Steve & Chris, plumbers extraordinaire, spent the better part of a day roughing in our plumbing! I did a happy dance when I saw the open trenches & all that they had accomplished!

Plumbing stacks & drains are rerouted in
preparation for the new floor plan!

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