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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/06/10 Can't sleep... too excited!

5:31 am & I just can't sleep! Actually I have been awake since 4am... which is when my five year old thought that she needed to "nuggle".

I'm way too excited thinking about my renovation plus the other amazing developments within my design business! Will have to fill you in on the past 6 months of my business growth... so exciting too!!!

Daily, as I have the various trades come in to either do their work or quote me on upcoming work, I am busy looking ahead to the next step (or steps actually!!!) There is so much to do at this point in the renovation.

My biggest focus is defining the style of the home & then choosing products that will create this style. At this point it would seem that our desire for the interior of this renovation is to create a finished product that is mostly French Country with an infusion of Arts & Craft plus a hint of Modern. Keeping in mind the 'rule' that no more than two styles should be mixed at one time to earn the label 'Eclectic'... we feel confident about focusing on the French Country while adding touched of the other two styles. Maybe we should say...we're doing a Modern French Country with a hint of Arts & Craft! There...two style! ; ) I can rationalize anything! Our philosophy is that you stay too tight to one style you risk creating a somewhat uninteresting space, possibly too predictable...

For the exterior we have to be cognizant of the lovely community that we live in & the style of the homes that surround us. Although we want to look smashing, we need to look like we belong. At this point we are aiming for a re-work of the interior styles... Arts & Crafts style taking the lead now influenced by the French Country Style. Without getting too hung up in labels... basically rock with lovely dark wood trimming positioned on a backdrop of creamy white moulding/detailing & cedar siding. Our issue will be to find more cedar siding to match the profile/size of the 35 year old existing siding.

Here are images of the house exterior that I am using to sketch a concept drawing of the final look...

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