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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10/20/10 - This greatly anticipated day is finally here!

Main-floor framing Day 1...

We are not only framing the main floor, we are furring out walls to be thicker, cutting holes in the exterior to add larger windows & doors, popping in a new stairwell, installing new headers & beams to make sure the city is happy (& that my house does not fall down!!!) plus making sure everything is secure & solid.

So many wonderful transformations will occur in a very small window of time. Steve, owner of the framing company, has put his best man Dustin on the job to head up the work... overseeing his framers Kevin & Kyle.

We've reviewed the plans & everyone is good to go!

A truck full of lumber!

Yes Dustin, I'm going to blog the 'whole' process! ;p

In comes the lumber!

Steve has made this whole this happen! Can't wait to see our plans come together!

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