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Friday, October 22, 2010

10/21/10 - Framing Day 2...

Another day... another room...

Did I show you the new opening for our new stairwell?!?

Why pay 5k for air-conditioning? (peg-board)

"Fresh air intake" (Same peg-board)

I have this renovating thing down to a science! ;p 

Let me point out that its 7:15am... This is what happens when one does not get enough sleep... entertaining myself while I wait for my framers to arrive!!!

Did I tell you how much I love my framers?!? Steve, Dustin & their boys (Kyle & Kevin)  are amazing! Real professionals! I would refer them to anyone for any framing work, large or small! In my past 15 years of renovating I have managed to never have to personally look after the actual framing part of the job. I've taken out a wall or three but have never tackled such a huge undertaking as this one. Being a (stink'n) perfectionist I have been concerned that everything would go as it should. I'm proud to say that so far everything is going very well! The boys have caught a couple things & readily fixed whatever might have been overlooked without issue! They've listened to my concerns (usually related to perfection) & have delivered. Twice Dustin called me regarding items that could have been an issue for me...which I really appreciate!

This house (reno) has taught me new wonderful things... sometimes not without great in-trepidation!

Enough said...getting too philosophical!

Did I ever show you my neighbor's house...that I have to measure up against? Beautiful!!!

Yah, my framers are here!!!

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