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Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/24/10 - Let there be light!

Woohoo! Pots are now functional & looking great in the basement great room...

11/22/10 - 2010 vs 1976 Residential safety codes

We were very happy to have the new garage man-door framed in which gives us much needed to access to the garage from the house. In 1976 when the house was built it was considered very unsafe to install doors which opened directly from the house into the attached garage.

Well, not any more...


I wonder how may other residents in my community would like a garage man-door 'and' a mudroom?!? Call me!

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11/19/10 - Friday update & we're freezing in YYC

Yes, it's Friday & I haven't posted all week...

Instead we've been busy trying to keep warm! We've had a dump of snow in YYC & a cold front move in! Our first real taste of winter this year. Hmmm taste, no, asmorgasbord! We've been experiencing minus 20 dergees-ish regularly! Freezing cold... I mean REALLY cold! (Remember that we have plywood for windows, no insulation, vapour barrier (plastic barrier), drywall or heat anywhere!) 

Did I mention that I'm not fond of winter?!? ; )

Space heaters are a necessity! Electrician Derek picked me up 2 - 5000 watt units to help keep everybody from freezing...

I wish I had a flash on my iPhone so that I could show you what Plumber Steve rigged up! Let me describe what is in the image. There is a garbage container turned up-side-down resting on my main water supply for the house, right next to the furnace which is currently disconnected while wiring & gas get relocated. We have borrowed a heater from the HVAC guys which is directed towards the water supply pipes. The goal is to keep our water pipes from freezing. This solution works great!

Electrician Derek is pulling wires...

Stop & smile Derek!

Nice mess of wires Derek! ; )

A 'cluster' of wires...

Here is what's left of our old electrical panel...

Lovely new panel soon to be wired up...

Derek had a great idea for a way that we can pretty-up all of the low-voltage wire that is running to the electrical panel...

Leviton Media Panel

Derek texting his supplier for the cost

Electrician Jordan boring holes in the floor joists to run wire

Now that's a drill

Ah common... Smile Jordan!

Pots are almost all in & wires are getting connected...

An 'S' with a line through it signifies 'switch'

Theatre light valences boxes...

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11/16/10 - Kitchen is all mapped out...

With electrical & plumbing soon to be roughed in for the kitchen we need to confirm that we like the placement of all of the cabinets that we have chosen. Being a very visual being I've opted for drawing the cabinet placement of the floor. I really like doing this & will do it for clients too. Sometimes I use green tape which also provides more contrast & allows you to really feel the space & the flow. 

9B means 9" base cabinet

A 24" base cabinet with 4 drawers goes here!

Marking the center point... then adding our 36" gas range.

If it were not so dark in the house I would have shown you the entire layout! It's exciting to see it all drawn out!

11/15/10 - Monday morning & we have a busy week ahead!

01/14/11 - POST UPDATED

Today we will have four different trades working on-site!

Our Electrician Derek & Jordan officially starts today & will spend the balance of their time wiring our house. Our Plumbers Steve & Dave are just finishing rough-in & will be running water-lines mid week. HVAC are installing round pipe... nearing the end of their work. Lastly Carpenter/Contractor Jim will be doing some prep work before we install our new gas fireplace, built-in closets, drywall & eventually our new kitchen.

Everything would be wonderful except for the fact that it is getting colder in Calgary, thus in our renovation site! I mean REALLY cold! Remember that we have plywood for windows, no insulation, vapour barrier (plastic barrier), drywall or heat (!!!) anywhere!

Here is an update as we start the week...

Electrical is underway...

Pot lights are starting to appear!

Here is the main floor bedroom hall.

Wires are being 'pulled' to their respective electrical boxes...

Like my drawings on the floor? 
That circle with two lines in it means that I would like at 'plus' at this spot.

Yep, that means I would like a plus on the wall.

Monday, November 15, 2010

11/15/10 - HVAC Continues...


Squeezing round pipes between the joists...


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11/12/10 - 38 bags of concrete...

Plumber Steve worked late into the night filling in the holes in the basement floor. He informed me that he required 38 bags of concrete to do the job!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

11/11/10 - Can one love an inanimate object?!?

Seriously... check out my tub & then answer that question!

Is this not a vision of loveliness?!? This 'Hytech' stand-alone tub with fluted skirt will soon inhabit our ensuite. We can hardly wait. A soaker tub is a must for any home...#1 on my wish list!

Plumbing fixtures have been ordered! Thanks to Carrie @ The Ensuite! What a great place to shop & personalized service that is so appreciated. From faucets to bath hardware, tubs to toilets & more... they have you covered! Oh so many nice products too!

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11/11/10 - The dirty work...

Now's the time for all of that extra rubble to be removed from the basement. Plumbers Steve & Dave dug huge trenches in the basement concrete to run new plumbing drain lines. As a result we ended up with a truck load of gravel which now needs to be hauled away.

Kevin making short work of a dirty job

Now to fill in the holes with concrete... (Check out the Saturday's post)

While they're here Matt & Kevin clean up the site. Looks amazing! Thanks guys!
Hey Matt!

Contact us should you need some hard working guys to help you with your project! We've referred Matt, Kevin and a few of our men out to do work with everyone giving us very positive feedback! To quote Kimberley Seldon, you need your A-Team that you can rely on!

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10/10/11 - Showers are ordered...

After considering all of our options we have made our final choices for shower enclosures & bases...

We've opted these two frame-less lovelies...

For the basement spa bath - Fleurco's Evolution  

For the ensuite - Fleurco's Platinum

We've purchased these showers from Zen @ YYC Midnapore Totem. Thank you Zen for your unending amazing service! From day one Zen has been working hard to help us obtain the best possible prices for all of the products that we will need for our renovation. Officially his title is 'Estimator'.  He works with all of his contractors looking after sourcing, pricing & ensuring prompt delivery of all of their product. I've worked with him on many of my renovations in the past.  I'm sure I must drive him crazy with my endless request for product information & pricing...nice that he doesn't let on that I do! You should see what his price is for drywall...smoke'n!