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Friday, November 12, 2010

10/10/11 - Showers are ordered...

After considering all of our options we have made our final choices for shower enclosures & bases...

We've opted these two frame-less lovelies...

For the basement spa bath - Fleurco's Evolution  

For the ensuite - Fleurco's Platinum

We've purchased these showers from Zen @ YYC Midnapore Totem. Thank you Zen for your unending amazing service! From day one Zen has been working hard to help us obtain the best possible prices for all of the products that we will need for our renovation. Officially his title is 'Estimator'.  He works with all of his contractors looking after sourcing, pricing & ensuring prompt delivery of all of their product. I've worked with him on many of my renovations in the past.  I'm sure I must drive him crazy with my endless request for product information & pricing...nice that he doesn't let on that I do! You should see what his price is for drywall...smoke'n!

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