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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/08/10 - Electrical rough-in has begun...

With the guidance from of our awesome Electrician Derek we have determined all our electrical needs for this renovation! Our electrical plan includes pot lighting, under-counter lighting, light fixtures, cable outlets, telephone outlets, switches, plugs, fans plus radiant floor heating. Derek was kind enough to take our plans & determine the position of each one of our pot lights to ensure maximum efficiency.

4-gang electrical box which means that it is able to hold 
4 separate receptacles, switches &/or dimmers

Electrician Derek places all of the electrical boxes throughout the house so that we can confirm that we like their placement before he starts wiring...

Boxes here, there & everywhere!

Inside the laundry room Derek has recommended installing a device that will automatically turn on the lights within the laundry room once the doors are opened! Love this idea! Now if he could only install a device that will do our laundry too!

Electrical box for the laundry room.

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