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Friday, November 12, 2010

11/09/10 - HVAC installation officially starts today...


First of all, let me tell you what HVAC means...
If your like me I had never really had the occasion that I needed to know!

HVAC stands for 'heating', 'ventilation' & 'air conditioning'.

Having completely gutted this property, we needed to hire an HVAC specialist to replace & or re-run all of my heating ducts, return air vents plus install a new air conditioning system... you know, for the 3 days in Calgary that we need it! ; ) Actually, I feel that having an air conditioner will be a real benefit plus potentially effect the attractiveness of a buyer to this home.

After careful consideration I have hired HVAC Mr. OMG to look after my HVAC needs for this renovation. I interviewed many contenders for this task & ended up being more than impressed with  Mr. OMG & his company. His quote was similar to the others however his level of professionalism was much superior. BTW, I could right an entire blog post on that comment quite easily... read 'Women in a man's industry'. Sometimes challenging, very rewarding!


Smile ! It's for the blog!

First the ducts are run....

Meet HVAC Son of OMG.... Hard at work cutting sheet metal & installing vents!


These 'round pipes' will be installed next...

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