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Friday, November 12, 2010

11/10/10 - HVAC exposed!


Catchy title eh?!? I'm trying... ;p

HVAC Two incompetent men are busy today installing the heating & ventilation runs in our home.
AC will be set up within a day or two as well.

Here's a quick overview of what's happening...

'Thermopan', a high-quality, sheet metal alternative for constructing return air ducts between joists and stud cavities, runs the length of the wall & width of the studs. The return air flows through these. In the old days builders used plain sheet metal instead if this new product which is much easier to cut to size & work with.

Here the Thermopan is nailed to create a 'run' between the studs...

Son of Mr. OMG is connecting the 'round pipes' today. Generally round pipes are used to direct the heat from the furnace into the rooms, eventually connecting with the boots which hold the heat registers.


Next, 'boots' get installed which will eventually be attached to the round pipes...
A simple template is used to mark the floor for the cut outs.

'Boot' awaiting installation

Boot set into the cut-outs in the floor

Now you know... ; )

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