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Friday, November 12, 2010

11/11/10 - The dirty work...

Now's the time for all of that extra rubble to be removed from the basement. Plumbers Steve & Dave dug huge trenches in the basement concrete to run new plumbing drain lines. As a result we ended up with a truck load of gravel which now needs to be hauled away.

Kevin making short work of a dirty job

Now to fill in the holes with concrete... (Check out the Saturday's post)

While they're here Matt & Kevin clean up the site. Looks amazing! Thanks guys!
Hey Matt!

Contact us should you need some hard working guys to help you with your project! We've referred Matt, Kevin and a few of our men out to do work with everyone giving us very positive feedback! To quote Kimberley Seldon, you need your A-Team that you can rely on!

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