Welcome... Follow along as we renovate our 9th home in 12 years

Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/15/10 - Monday morning & we have a busy week ahead!

01/14/11 - POST UPDATED

Today we will have four different trades working on-site!

Our Electrician Derek & Jordan officially starts today & will spend the balance of their time wiring our house. Our Plumbers Steve & Dave are just finishing rough-in & will be running water-lines mid week. HVAC are installing round pipe... nearing the end of their work. Lastly Carpenter/Contractor Jim will be doing some prep work before we install our new gas fireplace, built-in closets, drywall & eventually our new kitchen.

Everything would be wonderful except for the fact that it is getting colder in Calgary, thus in our renovation site! I mean REALLY cold! Remember that we have plywood for windows, no insulation, vapour barrier (plastic barrier), drywall or heat (!!!) anywhere!

Here is an update as we start the week...

Electrical is underway...

Pot lights are starting to appear!

Here is the main floor bedroom hall.

Wires are being 'pulled' to their respective electrical boxes...

Like my drawings on the floor? 
That circle with two lines in it means that I would like at 'plus' at this spot.

Yep, that means I would like a plus on the wall.

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