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Monday, December 6, 2010

12/01/10 - Late night shopping...

Picking up 10 closet units from IKEA before they close for the day! Thanks to the two great IKEA gentlemen who helped my with this extremely heavy load! My back thanks you too!

IKEA PAX wardrobe, especially when 'built-in', can function as highly efficient closet systems. In addition to selling the wardrobes, IKEA also sell a swack of great accessories that fit within these wardrobes... allowing anyone to create their 'dream' closet. I've used them in the past two renovations that I've done plus recommended them to many others & always love the results!

Today I spoke with the lovely woman that purchased my second last reno & she told me that the closets are one of her most favorite things about the house!

I feel that you can never have too much storage! ; ) How about you?!?

Thanks YYC IKEA! Now ready for framing in these wardrobes tomorrow!

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