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Monday, December 13, 2010

12/7/10 - An afterthought that makes a huge difference!

I often say that a house will often renovates itself, that is, it helps you make decisions that you may not have considered as important or necessary when in the initial planning stages.

Within my basement we had a post that was positioned in such a way that we had not thought that it was necessary to remove. Here it is in the right side of this photo....

Well, here it is removed!!!

Initially it seemed that it would not really add value to remove it, if anything it created defined spaces in the room. Well... having the room all framed up, it was obvious that it had to go. Removing it would allow us to have a huge, lovely great room! 

So... today it was removed thanks to my awesome framers. They brought in two 22' long metal beams, attached them to the existing wood beam plus additional support as outlined by our Structural Engineer.

To finish it, the boys attached 2 x 2 lumber framing to the new beam so the we can attach drywall to it Very nice work Dustin & Kevin! How heavy was it to get downstair?!? I forgot to ask!

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