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Thursday, January 13, 2011

01/14/11 - Foam Insulation Today... No visitors today!

Early this morning Foam Insulator Russ was onsite to spray foam insulation. Due to the toxicity of the foam no one was allowed on-site until tomorrow.

Russ & his crew were booked to foam the rim joist ends located on all of my exterior walls where the concrete foundation meets the wood framing. In addition Russ is spraying my skylight ceiling, the only real alternative for this structure. Mike Holmes would be proud! The only exception was within the utility room where we will not be spraying foam, rather instead we will be installing top quality mineral batt insulation with a super seal application instead. Since we are not drywalling the ceiling in the utility room, the foam would need to be sealed up under drywall or plywood which I did not feel could be done effectively or efficiently if someone had to cut out perfectly fitting sealed up boards to do the job; hense the batt insulation. Foam insulation must, by code, be covered by drywall or plywood which protects the homeowners in the slight chance of fire. The fumes from burning foam can be deadly. The board gives the homeowners enough time to leave the site before harm can be done.

This was a close to the site that I could get today...

I'll take more images tomorrow once I can go inside. Tomorrow Batt Insulator Terry & his team is scheduled to spend the day insulating & adding vapour barrier.

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