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Thursday, January 13, 2011

12/13/10 - Structural inspector's approval pending

I hadn't realized how nervous I was about having the framing inspection until it was all over. The city's framing inspector seemed quite pleased with all that he saw with the exception of wanting to see 8 double joist hangers added to the skylight framing for added insurance.

Having never rebuilt a house to this extent before, I was charting some untravelled territory with regard to the framing. I was fairly confident that everything would work out well but not completely at ease with the whole process. I've installed windows & doors many times, laid vast quantities of hardwood & have done extensive tiling but have never reframed a gutted house. Thank goodness it all turned out well with only one small deficiency needing attention plus a couple minor issues to deal with.

As we elected not to have architectural drawings rendered, rather to rely on my floorplan drawings plus those from the structural engineer, I was nervous as to how well the framers would be able to complete the task. For reassurance we asked the framer to give us our rough opening sizes for the window order. As luck would have it the smallest basement window came in too big. Instead of having to fight to get the window in, we've decided to replace it. Although it might make sense to get the rough openings from the framers who frame window openings for a living... tip...don't do it. Instead, give them the rough opening sizes to work to, so as to avoid later issues.

Another small issue which was fortunately caught before the inspection was to do with the fact that the framers neglected to refer to the structural engineer's drawings when they were filling in an old sunken mudroom area. As a result, the structural engineer had to be brought back in to inspect, a new plan devised, a few electrical wires cut & a new beam installed to ensure that the structure was sound. All was well in the end.

Lastly & most importantly,  I was able to learn that it is essential to get any work promised by any & every contractor in writing for fear that the discussion or some of the details from the discussion might be forgotten along the way.  I can't emphasis this enough!
I rescently posted a tweet that said "Everything I learned about life, I learned from my renovation."  Not bitter, just oh sooooo much wiser ; )

Now you know why I haven't blogged for a while. And the good stuff is yet to come...

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