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Thursday, January 13, 2011

12/ 21/10 - No more Ms. Freak'n nice guy!

Although my renovation project has come along quite smoothly & I'm happy with where I am today, I'm shocked with the life lessons that it has taught me! OMG, who knew?!? All about people, not necessarily about building or construction.

I'm disappointed that my father, a man who knew so much, did not respect me or my abilities enough to teach, warn me or guide me in learning these freak'n life lessons.

By nature I am kind, fair & ALWAYS looking for a win-win for everyone both clients & trades alike. I'm as fair as the day is long.
Well, this past week has helped me grow into a wiser, better being. Overwhelmed by people's pure incompetence, ability to lie, manipulate & cajole the situation to suit their needs... Well no more. I've matured.

I've realized that everyone has their own agenda...including me. People don't naturally look out for the other guy; nor by nature do they all have a work ethic. I've been lucky to find a couple that do & many that don't.

My attempts to support them & give them opportunities often end in disappointment.

Time to clean house! Literally & figuratively!

First task, Mr. HVAC who has done a pathetically poor job on my HVAC installation & who this morning fails to show up as promised! BTW, he did arrive... a mere 2 1/2 hours late! His responsibility was to return to my site to redo much of his HVAC installation as per the  recommendations from the HVAC specialist that was specially brought in yesterday to look at  Mr. HVAC's pre-inspection work.This will need to besorted out.

I love this world of building, renovation & design but am surely dissatisfied with some of those who work in this industry.


Here are some photos that I took while I waited 2 1/2 hours for my ill fated HVAC installer to arrive......



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  1. You readers might be keen to know that I posted this AFTER I had cleaned the entire site. Those who know me have rarely seen me grumpy. This was one of those rare days.

    I hesitated to add this plus the other realities to my blog however it's important to know that renovating isn't always 'perfect' & smooth despite your best efforts. I'm happy to say that the HVAC company that I originally hired did rectify their mess by bringing in another specialist who reinstalled almost all of the previous installers' work. It 'should' all work out fine... Will keep you posted!